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3 Things to Know about St. Rose this Winter!

What is St. Rose up to in January? Several things!

What is one of our favorite Winter activities?

Making Beeswax Candles!!!

Beeswax Candles Lafayette Louisiana
St. Rose Flower Farm's Taper Candles

(1) Discover the "Why" and "How" behind St. Rose's Beeswax Candles! (2) Enjoy our featured flower! (3) Peek into upcoming Farm News! Keep Reading!

1. Why Beeswax?

Beeswax is healthy. Burning beeswax actually purifies air. This stands in stark contrast to paraffin and soy wax candles, which toxify air.

Local Beeswax Taper Candles Lafayette Louisiana

How Do Beeswax Candles Purify Air?

Pollution in the air (yes, sometimes in our homes) has positively charged ions. When we burn beeswax, negative ions are created which bond to the positively charged ions. The result? Cleaner air!

Beeswax candles are a favorite among allergy and asthma sufferers. This is because burning beeswax aids in eradicating common allergens (like dander and dust) from the home.

Fun fact: Beeswax candles burn slowly; offering more burn-time than toxic, paraffin candles.

Floral Arrangement Beeswax Candles Lafayette Louisiana

How Does St. Rose Create Beeswax Candles?

By January, next season's treasures silently incubate within the earth. Each seed and bulb has been planted; slowly, they begin to grow. This is when our family turns from Winter's cold, outdoor work, and retreats into the warm comfort of home.

Everyone cozies into the kitchen, and the candle-making begins!

Beeswax Candles Lafayette, Louisiana

We use the "old-fashioned" (pre-1850) method. Gingerly, we hand-dip wicks into melted beeswax! (1850 is the year when scientists discovered pulling a waxy substance from petroleum; resulting in mass-produced, modernized candles.)

Beeswax Candles Lafayette Louisiana

What Goes into this Process?

  • Hand-dipping the wick into a pot of melted beeswax

  • Building wax gradually upon the wick

  • Cultivating patience; this is an all-day process!

In January, St. Rose creates candles to be blessed at Candlemas on February 2nd!

Beeswax Candles Lafayette, Louisiana St. Rose Flower Farm

Why Does St. Rose Make Candles?

This question can be extended to ask, "Why arrange flowers? Why make wreaths?"

And the reason is unified:

We enjoy creating things with our own hands to enrich both the home and prayer life.

Consider the warmth and look of beeswax candles: professional; yet, offer a genuine, old-fashioned, feel. They uplift. Inspire. Elevate!

Candles and Flowers:

  • Enrich the home

  • Adorn celebrations

  • Add a personal touch to any special occasion

  • Invigorate prayer life

  • Elevate meals

Candles and flowers adorn any feast or prayer!

Similar to floral arranging, lighting a candle has been a way of devotion for generations!

Burning natural beeswax candles is one more way to utilize God's creation found in nature.

Because not everyone grows an abundance of flowers, we grow them for you!

To make your home beautiful; to enrich daily life! Candle-making shares this same end.

Fresh Local Honey Lafayette, Louisiana
We're suited up to collect Beeswax and (of course) honey!

St. Rose makes 100% raw beeswax candles for you! They're made of local beeswax, including beeswax from our own little flower farm!

Louisiana Beeswax Candles
Luke Collects Beeswax!

Fun fact: St. Rose's Taper Candles burn for about 10 hours!

St. Rose LOVES Lighting up Beeswax Candles!

  • Candles for Dining

  • Candles for Prayer

  • Even Birthday Candles for Cake! (each of our children creates his/her very own special, little box of birthday candles!)

  • Candles for Candlemas!

Beeswax Candles
Little Joseph & His Beeswax Birthday Candles!
Sophia Hand-dipped this Candle!
Here at the farm, we really enjoy lighting Beeswax Candles!

We like to light them every evening for supper; and during our nightly family prayer, we find this truly elevates the mind and soul of every member of our family!

Floral Arrangements Lafayette, Louisiana Taper Candles Beeswax

And on cleaning day - Mondays - we change out the dining room tablecloth and centerpiece, choosing candle holders to match! This refreshes our home with a new look which welcomes the new week!

St. Rose Flower Farm Lafayette, LA Table Settings Beeswax Taper Candles Beeswax

How Do Candles Elevate Mealtime?

Dinner is a special time for families.

When raising a family, if the dinner table is set nicely, this naturally influences the children, setting the stage for good table manners! Candles add to this splendor. Suddenly, something which could seem mundane (or even rushed) feels special.

Of course, St. Rose certainly isn't a stranger to eating hot dogs off of paper plates sometimes! Life is life! But, we typically aim to set a table well. Candles, flowers, pulling out Grandma's beautiful china! This elevates not only the soul, but the conversation. And the children's behavior naturally uplifts. Everyone slows down to recognize the beauty of the moment. And the gift of conversation.

Something special happens at every dinner. Something sacred. Ideas transpire. We share our thoughts, ideas, and feelings. We learn to listen, and we feel affirmed.

Eating dinner together; praying together.

Doing these two things makes a difference in a family.

Fresh-Cut Floral Arrangements and Beeswax Taper Candles Louisiana

Why Does St. Rose Support Floral Arranging?

Preserving the Family

Floral arranging makes a difference in the home. Makes a difference for families.

A woman embraces her femininity and her role as "Mother" when she takes time to arrange flowers for her home. Her simple act of love is felt by all. She - the heart of the family - encourages and uplifts.

And it doesn't have to be expensive!

Budget-fitting ideas include:

  • Wild flowers

  • Dry flowers

  • Candles

  • The love which drives the effort

Like an adornment, God gives various elements in nature which heighten and enhance our life experience.

Lafayette Louisiana Fresh-cut Flower Farm

Preserving Beauty

Ever wonder why a culture which seems to prefer eating on-the-go while rushing to meet a deadline is so drawn to the beauty of another era; of old, European cottages, for instance?

Taking time to balance work with reflection and rejuvenation matters. Experiencing the beauty found in architecture, nature, or a meal shared in common, matters.

Several cultures keep alive mealtime traditions. France, for instance, values a long mealtime. What transpires in that time is important. The connection, transfer of ideas, expression of feelings. Communicating, connecting, being "present" to one another, is important. Also, a family isn't just several "equal" individuals who live under the same roof. The family operates in a hierarchy, which is clear when the family sits down together to share a meal.

Beeswax Candles St Rose Flower Farm Louisiana

Every meal is an opportunity to create this experience. And Beeswax Candles help!

We aim to inspire our community to arrange flowers, light candles, etc. as a means to "getting back" to tradition. While traditional ways are contested, they strengthen families. And strong families are the building blocks of strong nations.

“Eat as a family,” even if it means grabbing paper plates! If you're all there together; great!

But, if you can elevate this experience with candles, flowers, or anything nice; even better!

2. Featured Flower: the Tulip!

Fresh Tulip Flowers Lafayette, Louisiana

Tulips herald the promise of Spring!

St. Rose invites you to join in the excitement! We excitedly await Tulip blossoms!

Very soon, the farm awakens to the luster and awe of these classic beauties!

How Do Tulips Grow?

Tulips Louisiana
Tulip Bulbs!

Tulips require cold conditioning to bloom. While Tulips are perennials in other climate zones, they’re annuals here. Zone 9's natural climate is simply too hot to condition the Tulip to bloom properly. Hence, the Tulip isn't commonly seen growing in the South.

But, around here, we love a challenge!

St. Rose conditions our Tulip bulbs via refrigeration for fifteen weeks!

Next, these hibernating “annuals” are ready, set, grow!

Very soon, scores of Tulips will "awe" the farm with their gentle radiance!

When Tulip arrangements are available, we'll notify via Instagram and email!

Tulips, Fresh-cut flowers, Lafayette, Louisiana
Awaiting Tulip Blooms!
The Perfect Gift: Fresh-Cut Tulips and Taper Candles!

This February/ March, do something spontaneous for someone!

The best way to do this!?

Share a fresh-cut flower Tulip arrangement!

Invigorate someone's day with the brightness of flowers and the warmth of candles!

As our Tulips blossom, we're offering arrangements paired with TWO Taper Beeswax Candles for only $35.00! Have it delivered for $5.00 more!

*St. Rose delivers on Tuesdays and Fridays.*

What Will You Receive in this Tulip Arrangement?!?

  • A full & robust, Fresh-Cut Tulip Arrangement!

  • Beautiful, Glass Vase displaying the Arrangement!

  • TWO Beeswax Taper Candles (local Honeybees)!

  • Satisfaction of supporting a local flower farm!

  • All this for only $35; $40 delivered (we deliver in Lafayette, Youngsville and Broussard)

Surprise someone with a sneak peek of Spring!

Over 1,000 Tulips are soon to bloom!

Reserve your Tulips and Tapered Beeswax Candles today!

Click here to receive email from the farm!

Fresh Flowers Lafayette, Louisiana St. Rose Flower Farm

We will also offer tulip buckets so that you can arrange your own! Buckets will be available for delivery or at the farm for pick-up! (While supplies last).

How Does St. Rose Arrange Tulips?

When arranging Tulips, we plan for length. These flowers will literally keep growing once in the vase! Think: each Tulip will lengthen about an inch upward once arranged. The stem lengthens. The flower grows. Tulips are amazing!

Because St. Rose delicately pulls up the entire bulb when harvesting, the bulb keeps feeding the flower. This means the tulips in your arrangement will literally be freshly-cut from bulbs!

3. News on the Farm!

Now is the time to get onto the Bucket Subscription List!!!

Fresh-Flower Bucket Delivery Lafayette, Louisiana
Spring Buckets for Delivery!

Things to know about our

Spring/Summer Bucket Delivery program:

How Do I Subscribe for biweekly Bucket Deliveries beginning this Spring?


  • Your Name

  • Contact Information

  • “Place me on your ‘Delivery List’ please!”

St. Rose delivers our fresh-cut flowers to the Lafayette, Youngsville and Broussard area! Create fresh-cut beauty! Invigorate your home! Contact us today!

Beeswax Candle Louisiana
Beeswax Warms a Winter Afternoon!

Looking forward to Welcoming Springtime with you!

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