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St. Rose Flower Farm Welcomes June!

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

We're here to revive the domestic art of floral arranging!

June is abloom at the farm!

June's blog reveals Part II of our Flower Farm's Mission: running a close second to Part I !

Peek into Part II of St. Rose's Mission and Enjoy Seasonal Inspiration with St. Rose! Keep Reading!

What is St. Rose Flower Farm's Second Mission?

To Support the Local Community!

4 Ways St. Rose Flower Farm Supports Our Local Community:

St. Rose:

  1. Creates Jobs in Our Community

  2. Supports Small Businesses within Our Community

  3. Donates DIY Buckets to Nursing Homes

  4. Improves the Culture through Local Youth

1. St. Rose Creates Jobs

In an age when everything can be imported, opting to sew your dollar locally yields more than farm-fresh quality. It creates jobs for our local community!

Meet St. Rose's Young Women!

Currently, we employ 3 young women: Manon, Eva and Lucy!

Wholesome Work Environment

If you think about it, people are a little like flowers. We experience life in seasons. Hidden seasons of germination. Challenging seasons of growth. Successful seasons of bloom.

Young Ladies Sew Beauty at the Farm!

St. Rose's work environment is safe and wholesome. It provides a peaceful opportunity for personal growth in virtue, work experience, and life-skills.

Manon sorts Fresh-cut Flowers!

Within life, young women sometimes find themselves in an “in-between” place: no longer little girls; not yet fully settled into their vocations. For this season, St. Rose offers a solution! Here, girls learn to “dirty their hands” while upholding their dignity as women. When ready, they’ll move onward, bringing valuable life-lessons into their vocations.

What Do St. Rose's Young Women Do?

Our young women learn and practice several skills.

Impressively, they:

  • Plant

  • Cultivate

  • Harvest

  • Stock

  • Take Inventory

  • Clean

  • Provide Childcare (on occasion)

  • Teach Classes

Eva & Lucy teaching!

Meet St. Rose's Retired Farmers!

Mr. Hebert and Mr. J-Boy!

St. Rose supports our local, retired farmers. These men have given their best years to our community. We appreciate them! They shape the farm with joy and wisdom!

There goes Mr. Hebert managing the grounds!

A little farmer finds Mr. J-Boy!

What Do our Retired Farmers Do?

Our farmers are invaluable team players.

They help with:

  • Groundwork

  • Tractor work

  • Large Projects

  • Tree-cutting

Supporting St. Rose supports our retired farmers!

Meet St. Rose's VIP!!!

St. Rose's farm Dad, Paul!

Paul (Dad) and Johnny tree-cutting!

Paul is the backbone of our little farm. From behind the scenes, he:

  • Cuts & Trims Trees

  • Builds Fences

  • Maintains the grounds

. *Supports the Farm

Thank you for all that you do, Paul! We love you and Happy Father's Day!

2. St. Rose Supports Local Small-Business

At St. Rose, your purchase flows money back into the local economy.

How One Little Family Farm Extends into the Community!

We focus on doing business with local families right here in Acadiana. Whether adding embroidery to our aprons, offering lessons, designing websites, or publishing blogs; this thriving farm supports local entrepreneurs!

Got Goat's Milk?

Every morning on the farm, the process of collecting and curing fresh, goat’s milk soap begins with rich feed enjoyed by our dairy goats. Joyce’s in St. Martinville and Atlas in Breaux Bridge supply our feed and equipment. We also look within our community for natural resources (dirt and fertilizer). On rare occasions, we’re forced to outsource beyond this local community. In which case, we give business to companies within the U.S.A.

St. Rose Hosts Traditional Cooking Classes by local Homesteader, Kristin Johnson!

Why support local, small businesses when we can save a dime on something imported (like flowers)?

Quality, for one. Foresight, for another.

Local Flowers = Quality:

St. Rose Flower Farm's flowers are fresh-cut: harvested only hours before reaching you. And, if flowers could speak, each bloom could tell a beautiful story about it's journey. First, each bloom was premeditated. Then, each seed gently sewn, each sprout carefully nourished, and each bloom gingerly cut: with your bouquet in mind!

Local Shopping = Foresight:

Sewing a local dime today secures tomorrow's economy. This matters, because our children and grandchildren will depend upon this economy for their livelihood.

By supporting local businesses, we:

  • Create jobs

  • Fuel ethically sound work environments (opposed to supporting unregulated, inhumane work conditions often found overseas)

  • Invest in this local economy (because someday it will employ our children and grandchildren)

St. Rose's 100% Beeswax Candles began with a colony purchased from a local farmer.

3. St. Rose Flower Farm Brightens Nursing Homes

St. Rose values every life. From conception til natural death, we believe in everyone’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

Check out the “pursuit of happiness” happening here!

Donating DIY Flower Buckets to local nursing home residents shares joie de vivre where it's needed most! We’re grateful for this opportunity!

4. The Flower Farm which Shapes Our Culture

Join St. Rose in shaping a healthier culture for future generations!

Sophia Arranging!

Today's children are born into a distracted, fast-paced era. However, this doesn't stop children from instantaneously recognizing beauty. It's innate! They love to marvel over that which captivated every generation before us! Using art supplies found in nature, children generate stunning elegance: bouquets, wreaths, seasonal table-settings, and more!

Creating Christmas Wreaths and Arranging Flowers with St. Rose!

Children's ease in creating breath-taking beauty consistently mystifies!

All they need is the opportunity!

Join our mission!

Help enrich our community through reviving this forgotten art!

Beginning with those who carry the culture onward: our children and grandchildren!

Seasonal & Floral Inspiration with St. Rose!

St. Rose's Flower of the Month: The Sunflower!

Sunflowers bring summer's glow indoors!

Their gentle elegance boldly proclaims summer's presence!

When Is Sunflower Season?

Here at St. Rose, we sow our sunflowers as early as the end of February.

Consistently, blooms occur through autumn (until the first freeze).

For South Louisiana, this means occasionally sighting Sunflower blooms in December, given the first freeze may not come until January! Can you imagine?!

Tips for Growing Sunflowers!

What do Sunflowers love?

  • Being planted and growing in fertile, sunny locations

  • Growing in well-drained soil (important in South Louisiana's rainy climate)

  • Being planted only finger-nail deep past the soil's surface

Typically, annuals struggle when planted mid-summer in Zone 9. Yet, Sunflowers don't!!!

Say "Hello" to 2 Types of Sunflowers!

Branching Variety Sunflowers!

Branching variety Sunflowers are smaller flowers of the 2 types. To help create a healthy branching habit, you need to pinch the center bud when the plant is about 18 in. tall. This act causes the plant to branch lower; creating longer, better quality stems. And many of them! These quaint beauties diffuse charming merriment!

St. Rose prefers this variety for mixed bouquets because their size blends well. They add a powerful, luminous pop when arranging!

Single Variety Sunflowers!

These beauties awaken awe and wonder. We work with them En Masse. Bunched together in a large crock yields a majestic statement piece to vitalize your home or office!

This Month's Floral Inspiration - Market Style Bouquet!

June and July are the months we get together with friends and family to enjoy BBQ!

This summer, surprise your host with a fresh-cut, Market Style bouquet, that you created yourself! So personal, thoughtful, and will bring beauty and joy to the gathering! Watch our video on our web site's "Class" tab, and check the shop for everything you need to do this floral project!

Thrill your host with a fresh-cut, Market Style, mixed, hand-tied bouquet, bursting with summer annuals!

New to the art of floral arranging??

This is the perfect starter bouquet for you!

The wholesome, rustic, natural Market Style is very forgiving!

You'll feel confident creating - and gifting - your hand-tied bouquet!

This freestyle bouquet makes the arranging fun!

Flowers for Your Market Style Bouquet!

Thrill your host with flowers from St. Rose’s Flower Farm or from your own garden!

It's that simple!

Friends still quarantining? No barbeques in sight? No worries!

This charming bouquet isn't choosey; it elevates anytime, anywhere:

  • Neighbor's home

  • Nursing home

  • Doctor’s office

  • Summer anniversaries

Who's day can you brighten with a hand-tied, Market Style bouquet?!

Check out my video explaining how to design your mixed, Market Style bouquet!

In need of supplies for making this craft?

Or, if you're scheduled for a DIY Flower Bucket delivery, simply contact us and ask for this month’s add-on!

  • Plastic for helping with water while you transport your Market Style Bouquet

  • Decorative Brown Paper floral sleeve( with or without St. Rose Flower Farm’s beautiful stamp)

How to Shop at St. Rose Flower Farm

Visit our shop page to see what is currently available for purchase!


  • Come by & pick up at the shop!

  • Call me & I’ll deliver add-ons with your pre-scheduled, upcoming delivery

  • Add-on at least $50.00 of items and receive a free delivery if not scheduled for a delivery

June Around the Farm!

  • Gretta, one of our Dairy Goats, birthed twins on the Feast of St. Augustine! Welcome, Augustina and Maria!!

  • Lady Imelda birthed a baby boy as well! Welcome, little Francis!

  • St. Rose gives 3 goats (Belle, Lady Imelda, & baby Francis) to our friends at St. Joseph's Homestead!

  • Sunflowers are growing in full-force! This July, call ahead to claim your "U-Pick Sunflower" time slot! Harvest and arrange at the farm!

Thank you for welcoming June with us!

Uplifting the Mind and Soul through God's Beauty & Nature

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