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St. Rose Flower Farm’s humble beginnings are rooted in an earnest desire to discover the beauty of country living. As our family continued to grow, we realized that the values that we wished to instill in our children could best be realized on a farm. In faith, we set out on a bold journey to create an organic environment where we could learn and grow from the world around us. As we discovered the simple splendor of rural life, we became inspired by the beautiful story of St. Rose of Lima, who as a girl would sell flowers in the market of her town. This set us on a path toward the foundation of what has now become St. Rose Flower Farm. We have found joy in the artful labor of cultivating exquisite flowers, and we wish to bring that joy to you. All of our decorative, hand-crafted arrangements are designed to bring the revealed beauty of country living to any occasion and harmonize us with delight in simplicity.  

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Born Isabel Flores de Oliva, Saint Rose of Lima was a simple, domestic South American girl who raised cut flowers and cared for the sick to help support her large family.  She was very devout, spending large amounts of time praying and fasting, and was canonized in 1671.  The last weekend of August, the Fiesta de Santa Rosa, is celebrated in honor of her.  

Like Saint Rose, we at St. Rose Flower Farm raise flowers for devotional purposes but also to help care for our large family.  We also donate flowers to nursing homes to allow them to engage in the art of floral arranging.  We find it incredibly rewarding to lend our gifts to the sick and/or elderly.


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